The countdown to the second season of Shop Talk has begun.
The leading talk show has since inception, provided a platform for men to have conversations about real life issues while seeking to inspire, empower and stir a need to find solutions for situations in the society. 
​The first season featured a range of young men such as Ali Baba, Cornelius Lindsey, Lynxx, Akah Nnani, Koye, Stan Ze, Chef Fregz, Poe amongst others who spoke about issues ranging from relationships, finances, family, success and much more. 
With Shop Talk 3G, 3 generations of men will be engaged with the aim of having a a holistic perception of issues and opinions ranging from one generation to another. 
Alongside a outline of more technical conversations, the setting of the new season represents a shift from season 1’s barbershop discussions to round-table conversations, an indication that despite the generational gap, men are united by the similarities of the challenges that are experienced. 
“I am super excited about the upcoming season. We worked so hard to produce a more advanced version of Shop Talk. We probably featured the future President of our nation” –  host and creator, Adeolu Adefarasin 
Shop Talk is proudly supported by JAC Motors, BellaNaija, Guardian Life and Worship Cafe.
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